Anthony's Progress

On February 6, 2010, Anthony Purcell was in Miami, Florida with friends and family to attend the Super Bowl.  Anthony suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury when he dove into the ocean at the Shore Club in South Beach.  Thankfully, his cousin Bernie was with him and immediately noticed that something was wrong when Anthony never came up for air and instead floated face down in the water. Bernie acted quickly; dragging Anthony out of the surf.  The beach patrol responded to the best of their ability, but soon realized that the situation needed more sophisticated care. They then called an ambulance that rushed Anthony to Jackson Memorial Hospital. 


Anthony broke his neck and fractured his C5 and C6 vertebrae.  He underwent a four hour surgery and received state of the art medical care, including cold fusion hypothermia treatment.  Anthony spent 5 weeks in ICU followed by 3 weeks at the Jackson Memorial's rehab facility.  


Since that tragic accident, Anthony has been working hard at Project Walk in Carlsbad, California. Project Walk exists to provide an improved quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support and encouragement. Anthony is determined to not only walk again, but also to help other spinal cord injury victims get the rehab they need.  To follow his progress, view the video below.  Also, visit Anthony's Network to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.