Anthony has a very enthusiastic group of support. The network of people that is backing him ranges from all over the United States. Here are some videos from the closest people Anthony has in his life. These are the people that help keep him moving forward and will never let him give up on the long and difficult journey. 





Jennifer is Anthony's sister. She has been at his side since day one and continues to give her love and support to Anthony during all the ups and downs of this journey. 

Matt Midgett is Anthony's Brother-in-law. Providing Anthony with infinite laughs, Matt currently lives in Fort Lauderdale and has been one of Anthony's biggest supporters. 

Almost like a second father to Anthony, Uncle Tommy has been a motivational and uplifting figure in Anthony's journey to walk again. 

Melissa and Bridgett are Anthony's cousins that live in Virginia. They have continued to show their support for Anthony through this long and arduous journey. 

Bernie McKeever is Anthony's cousin. He was the one that actually puled Anthony out of the ocean after he dove into the sandbar. Bernie continues to give Anthony love and support. 

Rita Purcell is Anthony's sister-in-law. She lives out in California and continues to send her love, her thoughts, and her prayers to Anthony. 

Tom McCarthy is Anthony's cousin and arguably the biggest Washington Redskins fan in the entire family. He has been like an older brother to Anthony.

Grant, Mason, and Anthony's cousin Colleen send their good wishes and prayers from St. Louis. They have been supporting Ant and WWA since day one.

Kellie McKeever is Anthony's cousin and Bernie and Kyle's sister. She attends VA Tech and is always sending her love and support to Anthony. 

Aunt Chrissy is Anthony's mother's sister who lives in the Baltimore, MD area. She provides Anthony with the much needed moral support everyday. 

Tommy is Anthony's cousin/brother/best friend. He, along with many, have literally been by Anthony's side since day one. Tommy currently lives out in California with Anthony.

Kyle McKeever, a big screen actor, is Anthony's cousin. He has been very close to Anthony's side in California during this whole tragic journey. 

Matt Davis is Anthony's cousin and one of his biggest supporters. Matt and his children love Anthony very much and are always supporting him. 

Pat McCarthy, who lives in Annapolis, MD, has been bringing constant laughs to Anthony along this rollercoaster ride. He is also like an older brother to Ant.

Uncle Bily, Billy Nolan Jr, Will Breslin, Theresa Breslin, and Erin McCarthy send their love from Maryland in a very Redskins-type atmosphere.

Chris, Rachel, and Nathan are loving and thoughtful relatives to Anthony. They have been supporting Anthony in a very positive way since his accident. 

Joey Haynos, a Tight end in the NFL, is Anthony's cousin and one of his closest friends. He was there during his accident and continues to be present at Anthony's side.

Natalie is Anthony's cousin and Tommy's youngest sister. Having a big personality, Natalie, gives Anthony plenty of laughs and smiles. 

Micki Nolan is Tommy's sister and Anthony's cousin. She has been very thoughtful and supportive along this long, crazy, and tragic road. 

Tommy, Patrick, and Bernie aka B4, all from the Maryland area, are one of Anthony's best and closest friends/cousins. They are very good at keeping Anthony smiling. 

Bernie Nolan, also known as B4 (Bernie the 4th), lives in Maryland and has made numerous trips out to California to visit his cousin Anthony.

Aunt Frannie has been like a second mother to Anthony his whole life. She has been at Anthony's side since day one and will continue to send her prayers and support.





Pat Flynn grew up with Anthony. He now lives Fort Walton Beach and remains in good contact with Anthony sending him thoughts, prayers, and hope.

Charlie Koontz is an actor in Hollywood who has been following Anthony's story and progress since day one. His thoughts and prayers mean a lot to Anthony and to WWA.

Jimbo Colonel is Anthony's good friend who has constantly provided Anthony with laughter throughout this whole journey we have all embarked on.

Thomas Alexander, aka Crunch, has been Anthony's friend since they were both 50 pound point gaurds at St Coleman's School. Crunch is a great supporter of Anthony and WWA.

Dexter Lewis is Anthony's friend from high school. He has been providing Anthony with laughs with his unique style of humor. Dex now lives in Denver.

Sean Swartz is one of Anthony's best friends. He has lived with and been very close to Anthony for numerous years. Sean is now sending his love from South Florida.