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Welcome to Anthony’s Network. Here, you’ll find the latest inspirational videos and photos, all about Anthony Purcell, and how he and his family are persevering through his spinal cord injury. Check back here regularly for the latest Anthony news and share it with your friends!



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Posted by Erin O'Brien Hein on
I have been following your progress for a long tim. I would check in on "a miracle for" for some time now and as I feel like cousins to my Nolan family, my concern has been there for Afnthony from the start.

I am so happy for your progress, Anthony. I have been so touched by your story, your courage and perserverance. I wish you the best and am always rooting for you.

Although we have never met, I think of you as family and I am very proud of you. I am especially proud of your Mom, Micki for being such a powerful strength and working to get this website up, as well as, for being such a strength to you.

Keep up the good work and positive energy. My thoughts and prayers will always remain positive for you and your family! xoxo, Erin O'Brien Hein
Posted by Jenn Purcell Midgett on
I am so excited that we have started this amazing foundation, Walking With Anthony. We are going to change people's lives.

Anthony, I couldn't be more proud of you and your progress thus far. Don't ever give up!!!! It will all pay off soon!

You are amazing and I am so lucky to have you as my brother.

Looking forward to the future.

Let's do this!
Posted by Colleen Shepherd on
Long before your accident you had a profound impact on my life. Your smile is contagious and your sense of humor is second to none. Your faith and ability to persevere have been put to the ultimate test and you have more than risen to the challenge, you have embraced it.
Creating this foundation has brought you even closer to fulfilling God's plan for you. As I've told you before, God only presents you with trials and tests in life that he knows only YOU can personally handle. Some people are stronger than others, so some can take on challenges that are more difficult than others. Unfortunately, you may never know why He chooses to give you certain trials that He might not give to someone else until you get to heaven. This is the definition of faith: trusting that whatever is happening to you in this life is meant to be and that there is a greater purpose for it – a purpose that you may not discover until the next life. God knew that only YOU could handle this challenge. And He was right...not only are you "handling" it, but you are welcoming and conquering it!
I am so grateful that you have started this Foundation so that others can see what a true testament to faith you are. You know how much I love and admire you and will be with you every step of the way. Thank you for all that you do...but more importantly, for what you have yet to do. The possibilities are endless and your future is brighter than ever before!
Posted by Gail Bishop on
I've never met you Anthony, but I've been blessed enough to of met your brother Michael and his lovely wife Rita when they were in Colorado with Lady. They spoke of you often with such tenderness, respect and love. I wish for you...strength to persevere, humor to lighten the load, love to surround and embrace you and most of all faith that your efforts will be rewarded. There’s a quote I love that says, “I would like to beg you to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday n the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer?" Many blessings to you and your wonderful family.
Posted by Bernie Nolan on

I just had the chance to look through this website and the foundation's mission for the first time. I can't say I have been more impressed with something else in my entire life. As you can see, you are a true inspiration for friends, family, and others alike. I feel blessed to be your cousin and follow your progress closely. There is no doubt in my mind that you will prevail in your rehab; it's a challenge unlike anything any of us have ever faced, but it will do great things for you and your future. Keep up the progress!

Posted by Caroline Kristek on
Hey Ant,

Just looked through this website for the first time - it's incredible. All my friends wear your bracelet 24/7. So proud of you, keep up the good work! Love you so much and I pray for you every day, you're my biggest inspiration.

Posted by Abbey Noonan on
Dear Anthony,

This is Thomas Alexander's mom. I know I haven't spoken to you in a while but I see Tommie often and follow your progress through him. Since the accident I think and pray for you often. You are just amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of you as if you were my own. You see, I consider you all my kids, Thomas, Tommie, Vincent, know the click. Life is full of challenges and the true test of who you are is how you rise up to it... Daunting as it seems I am so impressed at how you've risen up to face this challenge; your positive spirit and energy shines through. Your contagious smile and great attitude is magnanimous. I continue to pray that God in His eternal wisdom will give you the strength to pull through. I just found out about this website and wanted to let you know that someone over here is praying and rooting for you.
Love you.
Abbey Noonan
Posted by Fran McKeever on

I am with your mom and am looking at your site for the first time. WOW! I am so impressed! You will change the lives of so many people. I am so proud of your accomplishments and know how challenging each day is. You are an inspiration to all of us! Keep up the hard work! Love..Aunt Frannie
Posted by Lisa Lake Berger on
Anthony- So happy to see this website come to life! It has been so long since I have seen you, but look forward to continuing to track your progress and see the awesome strides you are making. I want you to know that my family and I think about you often and we look forward to contributing to this organization anyway we can. I hope you had a great summer and hope to see you soon. Keep your chin up! With Love- The Lakes and Bergers!
Posted by Aunt Terry on
I am so proud of everyone involved with "Walking With Anthony". This Foundation is doing something eternal. Hope is a miraculous spiritual force and this Foundation will give it to so many. I foresee the formation of less expensive treatment for those affected as well as raising money for the expensive treatment presently available. Anthony, your desire to help others with their injuries is also very inspiring. So many people who have to deal with a life changing condition become self-centered and full of self pity. You have used your injury as a catalyst to help others. The sky is the limit as you lead others down the road to recovery.
Posted by Peg Lessard on
I am so proud of you Anthony. This Foundation's mission is phenomenal because it offers hope to those who would otherwise be hopeless. You and your family exemplify valor. Colleen is right; God has chosen you as His vessel and you are making him proud! Keep the faith...I see lots of miracles on the horizon!
Posted by Lisa on
This is way more helpful than anything else I've lokoed at.
Posted by Colleen Linder on
Hi Anthony. I have been paralyzed since May 4, 2001, a month before I turned 21. I am now 31 and thought when I first was injured that, despite the doctors telling me that I would never walk again, I would for sure be walking within the next ten years! I was wrong, but it is so good to see that someone like you is still campaigning for it. I completely agree with your video about people not being able to afford the rehabilitation. I know that it is impossible for me, as I can barely pay my own bills. I live near Austin, Texas and have seen rehab facilities close by, but they are all expensive. Your progress is wonderful and gives people like me, the hope that one day I will be able to walk again too. I marked this site as a favorite on my computer and will keep up with your progress!!!
Posted by John T. Carr on
Hello Anthony,

I just met you on the phone yesterday and already have a strong desire to help you and others through your Fine organization.
You connected me with your mother and father on the phone yesterday, and we talked about how our Foundation could help you and others.
As Founder&CEO of our Foundation, we are ready to do what we can to generate as much LOVE and Funds for your organization as possible.

John T. Carr, Founder&CEO
Donna S. Carr, Co-Founder
Charitable Giving Foundation
Posted by Michael Hotte on

Hang in there bud, I miss you and want you to know Im praying for you. You will get through this!! Always thinking about you and can't wait to get SOUTHERN with you very soon.

Stay South!
Posted by Rachel on
Amazing to see your progress. My Fiance fell 70 ft in a elevator accident on October 16, 2012, and is currently still in the hospital on a inpatient rehab floor. He has a T12 incomplete spinal cord injury.
Posted by Roxzine aka Rebecca on
Dear Anthony

I have always been competitive with my self.
Always thinking i can do better then i was doing.
I have not strayed from that idea i hold in my heart.
My life was my legs, to be able to dance was a
understatement i lived and breathed the art of dance.

I love to dance at a very young age. In 2011 my life was
almost cut short by what i only can assume was a drunk driver.
Headed in my direction was what looked like a car weaving
back and forth in the same lane. The car was not seen again by anyone.
I turned the wheel to miss the odd car and some how landed on two wheels.

Well now things had gotten worse, i had to make a split second decision
unfortunately i had to get my car on all four tires, and so i flipped the car over.
Four days later i woke up in the hospital i tried to move my legs but my brain was
not transmitting information to my legs. I was heavily drugged and unable to feel pain.
I was in ICU for about a week, while there i had to get the tubes out of my nose to witch
was feeding me. I had to get the film out of my lungs, it was told to me i was there for a while.

My heart had stopped and my head had been threw the windshield. I was out in the early morning
frost chilly and raining night, it was about 2;00am in the morning in Tween falls Idaho when this happened.
The date was 2011 13th of January, after i was in the recovering room for about three day. I was ready to
start my rehab, i could not lift my head or arms and still no feeling in my lags. They would not even try to help
me walk in fact all focus was on my arms only. The doctor told me i would never walk again. Those words alone
made me push even holder.

Now there was a chose on what to do with me, and so i could not go back home. They sent me to a old folks home,
I could not stand to live there and so i started to die by not eating, my wight went down from 125 lb to 109 i was 5/6.
A close friend of mine told me he was going to get me to eat again. He came back with subs for a while i would eat
subs and then eat what the older people were eating and got my wight back up. I was there for a year. i had a no hope
getting out. Til one day this lady showed up and asked me if i wanted to leave and i said (oh yes i dream of leaving).

The old folks home were not all that nice to me. I was so happy to leave i have never gone back but when i do it will
be walking and telling others not to give up. The date am writing this is 2013 23rd of October about 6:05am it took me
5hrs to write this to you. I don't like asking for help so here goes i need rehab and braces for my legs. Will someone
please help me. I have had progress on my own and need to step it up more...i now can write,pull my self up on the
bed rails sit almost unsupported and feel the insides of my legs, work on push ups and pushing up of the bed. All the
progress i told you it was all me. Help me make my life worth living by dancing again.

- sin Roxzine Evart
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