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Spotlight on
Daniel Mowery

Age: 32
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Occupation: Cook
Studied: Criminal Justice
Hobbies: Football (NY Giants)

Daniel's Story

November 17, 2018 started out as a great day for Daniel Mowery. After months of training, he had just started a new managerial position at his job. After work he went home, took a quick nap, and headed to the gym for his daily workout....Daniel didn't make it to the gym that evening. Instead, he was rushed to North Broward Hospital for emergency surgery. He had been in a bad accident that resulted in a burst fracture to his C5 vertebrae pushing into his spinal cord. Daniel’s life was changed forever.

Diagnosed with a C5 complete injury, Daniel laid paralyzed from his neck down in a hospital bed for three months, getting very little help from anyone. The staff failed to follow the mandatory two-hour rule of turning his body, causing him to develop serious massive bed sores. They offered no instruction or rehabilitation. It was never even remotely suggested that Daniel’s injury required his immediate transfer to a hospital specializing in spinal cord injury.

Without the attention or insurance coverage that he needed, Daniel began to get worse by the day. He was in excruciating pain and was not given a shower for three months. Widowed when he was eight years old, Michelle, his mother, was in shock herself and had no idea that her only child was being mistreated. She stayed by his side doing all she could, sleeping at the hospital, doing the work that the nurses should have been doing. She was lost, helplessly watching her son suffer incredible pain and deterioration as his body was aggressively going from bad to worse. For three months, Michele desperately cried out for help. No one seemed to hear. The hospital was now ready to release him because there was nothing else they could do for him. By a twist of fate, Jennifer Purcell mentioned Walking With Anthony in a conversation with Michelle’s co-worker. Things were about to change.

How We Helped

In January 2019, Micki was visiting her home in Fort Lauderdale, FL when she heard about Daniel from her daughter, Jennifer. They learned he was not getting the proper care and that it was a horrible situation. They immediately went to the hospital to visit Daniel and Michelle. When they walked into the hospital room, they were horrified at what they saw; Daniel had lost 48 pounds, Michelle was exhausted, and they had lost all hope. Micki knew she had to do something.

Micki immediately contacted the head of Brooks Medical Center, a facility in Jacksonville, FL that has a nationally recognized spinal cord facility. Within one week, Daniel was transported to Brooks Medical and was approved for Medicaid. Because of the atrocity at Broward North and Daniel’s tenacity and hard work at Brooks, he was granted a three-month stay. Daniel is currently in the intensive rehabilitation program that he desperately needed and is making more progress every day.

Prior to leaving Broward North, Daniel was told he would have no movement from his shoulders down. After four weeks in physical therapy, Daniel has the ability to move his arms to be able to control his wheelchair with a T-bar. He can lift his arms, move them in and out from left to right, and he is learning core control to balance himself while sitting. He is now able to assist his mom by lifting his arms while she is dressing him in bed. Not only is he getting healthier and stronger physically, Michelle noticed he is smiling again. When Brooks Medical performed an ASIA test (American Spinal Injury Association), Daniel and Michelle were elated to hear his diagnosis is actually a C4 Incomplete,which gives them even more hope for his future.

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