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Walking With Anthony’s mission is to redefine recovery from spinal cord injury: every day a farther reach, a stronger push, a higher stand.

We refuse to accept the limitations of what can be done, what can be expected, or what never will change. Walking With Anthony is committed to:

Educate/Raise Awareness about the challenges imposed by spinal cord injury (SCI) and the need to increase the quality of life for all who suffer from it
Expand SCI Rehab Centers to ensure all who can benefit from dedicated facilities and communities for SCI rehab have access to them
Provide Financial Assistance to Individuals with SCI to help meet the often suffocating, even impossible demands of paying for essential treatment not covered by standard insurance

Every year, thousands of people encounter life-changing injuries, joining nearly half a million individuals with SCI. Tragically, thousands of indviduals with SCI are trapped in wheelchairs when they don't have to be. We repeat, people with SCI don't have to be trapped. There is hope. There is a way out of that seemingly hopeless trap of believing that life beyond the despair is over. It isn't just the voices in their head saying it. Every single day, many medical establishments and professionals tell these individuals with SCI they will never walk again.

And if we leave it at that, those words will be true.

Although proven therapies and solutions for those with SCI are already in existence, they are unavailable to the average person, especially people who have very likely lost what they previously knew to be their livelihoods. Insurance does not cover it. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to get just one victim out of a wheelchair. This astronomical cost is what prohibits many people from the reality of walking again.

Walking With Anthony gives individuals with SCI a way out. But for them to do that, we need to take the first step . . . together.

Donate today and help Walking With Anthony provide access to the therapies that have miraculously helped many people get stronger, live healthier, and have the opportunity to walk again. So much hard work, facilities, equipment, and therapy lie ahead for the people suffering from SCI. The very first step, the act of giving to help pay for what they need to live healthy, thriving, even walking lives, is that first gift from you.