April Cave

Name: April Cave
Date of Injury: June 23, 2006
Level of Injury: c5/7

I graduated from high school on Monday June 19, 2006. That day I left for my summer job as a camp counselor. That Friday night, June 23, my friends and I decided to begin our day off before the campers arrived by driving into the nearest town to go to the waffle house at around 11 o’clock. On the way from camp to town, the driver of our car lost control. We went off the road, into and out of a ditch, then the car spun and flipped before coming to the ground and landing on top of me. The car broke my neck and cut off my ear along with some other smaller injuries. My level of injury is c5/7. Since my accident, I went to George Mason University and completed my BS in August 2012. Since my graduation I have been working part-time for a government contractor and will be going back to GMU in January 2014 to begin working on an MS.

I was able to go to Project Walk a few times after my accident. My mom is a single mom and I have 5 siblings ranging in age from 26 to 5 years old. The cost became too much for my family for me to continue going. Since I started working, I tried to save up money for another trip. In a year I was able to save enough for about half a trip. The rest was going to go on credit cards. Walking with Anthony was able to cover my PW costs, which enabled me to use my savings for travel and hotels and no need to go into debt for the rest.