Has it already been a year??~ So much progress! September 2014 kicked off the year with our annual golf tournament opening doors for us to help more SCI Celebrities. We were able to get Tucker Winfrey an FES bike; Dillon Connolly, Eric Walker, Peter Brady and returning celebrity, Nick Williams, are now in recovery. Nick

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0xEG5WzjMo #Summer Vacation Safety – It’s official! Go away winter doldrums…Summer vacation has begun! Off to the beach!! At The Walking With Anthony Foundation, we know all too well what can happen during the fourth jump into the lake, the 18th dive off the coastline, and the race to be the first to dive into

“Welcome to Project Walk Orlando, Nick! Walking With Anthony is sponsoring him to come for the month of May… Also, Happy 1st Life Day!! You are now officially apart of the PWO family smile emoticon.” Project Walk Orlando Facebook Page – Monday, May 4, 2015 Nick Williams was a popular volleyball player at Cardinal Gibbons

An avid gardening friend recently posted a picture of her beautiful azaleas in full bloom. Shortly after, my daughter revealed that there is “friendly” bacteria in organic soil which encourages a healthy immune system when inhaled. I was inspired. Actually, gardening offers numerous health benefits, from vitamin D to lower levels of the stress hormone,

ANTHONY TAKES HIS FIRST STEPS!!! – I had just started fundraising for Walking With Anthony when I “coincidentally” sat on the plane next to a renown orthopedist. As I shared Anthony’s story and how we believed he would one day walk again, the surgeon graciously encouraged me not to hold out hope, that with Anthony’s C5/C6 injury, the chances of

Happy New Year!

Thank You For An Amazing 2014! Dear Friends and Family, As 2014 draws to a close, Anthony and I want to say thank you to all our supporters. Whether it has been following and re-posting our social media, attending and supporting our events, or your generous financial donations; each and every one of you is

American Muscle – Discovery Channel – 9:00 PM Est Our own Anthony Purcell will be on trainer, Mike Barwis’ new sports docuseries, “American Muscle”. Originally scheduled and posted for Wednesday, July 30, Anthony’s show date was postponed for the near future. All of us here on Anthony’s team are anxiously waiting to see his show